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Do Eurovision superfans remember Abba's Waterloo?

The Eurovision Song Contest is in Sweden this year, but what do the superfans think about the contestans and, actually, do they know their EuroHistory?

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When you think of the biggest Eurovision hit of all time, one of two lines might spring to mind: “Waterloo – promise to love you for ever more,” if you are a fan; “Waterloo – couldn’t escape if I wanted to,” if you are not.

But whatever your take on the song, it appears its popularity endures well into the digital age. It still survives as a massive hit.

Digital single sales data provided by Nielsen Music, covering 21 countries, shows that Waterloo has been downloaded more than 450,000 times in the past decade, making it the third-highest-selling Eurovision winner in that period.

Just two other songs, Euphoria by Loreen, which won for Sweden in 2012 (1.1m digital sales), and 2010’s German winner, Satellite, sung by Lena Meyer-Landrut, (644,000), have done a better job than it.

While winning songs tend to sell well in their country of origin, they need to travel if they are to make a big commercial success, in particular, to Germany, the UK and the US.