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Jimi Hendrix's London flat opens as a museum

Jimi Hendrix fans now have the chance to see inside his London flat after a two-year restoration project makes it look like it did in 1968.

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An apartment in London where famous Jimi Hendrix slept and played music very hard is about to be open for the public. The 23 Brook Street address, in 1968, got a new resident, a man who will change music forever.

After 45 years, the room has been recreated to detail, including his two telephones and their exact spots.

Once the museum staff finished the recreation, they Skyped with his then-girlfriend, Kathy Etchingham. Kathy, who now resides in Australia, told them the room was too untidy. She told that Jimi was obsessively neat and tidy. He enjoyed silky sheets and cushions had to be squared up.

The Hendrix Museum is located near the former London home of George Frideric Handel. The only buildings that still stand there are Jimi’s and George’s.


Kathy broke up with Jimi once they have returned to the US. She didn’t enjoy the druggy music scene and crowds, so she left, and returned to suburban Chiswick.