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How a unique school in Brazil got kids to love veggies

This preschool in the slums of Brazil has a successful, and shocking, method to convince the children to eat their vegetables. Would this work on your kids?

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And it’s not only here, but all around Brazil, kids are learning to appreciate and eat more veggies. How? Easy.

On a hilly slope in São Paulo City, a group of sixth graders is busy at work. They’re armed with seeds, soil and a range of gardening tools. Upside-down soda bottles, filled with water, outline a series of rectangular garden plots. A boy named Felipy Pigato tells me they are preparing the soil for planting.

He said, “Yesterday we mixed regular soil with coconut fiber. The coconut fiber holds the seeds in the soil.”  

As the students dig, they pull back chunks of dirt, creating shallow pits, where earthworms wriggle in the freshly dug soil. 

Mateus Feitosa de Almeida slowly pulls back the soil around a worm, “We have to pull like that so we don’t hurt the worms. If we take them out, it’s bad for the soil.”

This digging is going on in a quiet middle-class neighborhood, in a garden that belongs to Leão Machado School, a large public school.

The students are working under the guidance of two teachers.

And this wonderful trend is taking the country by the storm.

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