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Didn't bike to work? Here's what you're missing out on

May 20th is Bike to Work Day, but there are many reasons why it's something you should do every day of the year.

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Many cities and towns around the country participated in the Bike to Work Day. One of them broke the record with more than 9,500 riders visited pit stops around the county Friday event, a new record, the San Diego Association of Governments announced.

The annual ride included 101 pit stops where bicyclists received refreshments, t-shirts and bike tune-ups. Some of the pit stops were scheduled to reopen for the afternoon commute.

Volunteers at the pit stops tallied more than 9,500 visitors during the morning hours, though some could have made multiple stops and some no stops at all. In 2015, 8,700 pit stop visitors were reported by SANDAG.

Also part of the event was an afternoon ride along the U.S.-Mexico border.