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Living with a wolf: Who's learning from who?

Max has lived with she-wolf Arya for 8 years. They live and experience each other's world. But who's learning from who in this unusual friendship?

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They are amazing and there is so much to know about them.

Wolves are highly social animals that live in family groups, also referred to as packs. A family of wolves can consist of only parents and a few offspring, or it can be large and extended, including aunts and uncles, siblings, grandparents, and even adoptees.

The most basic form of a wolf pack consists of a bonded pair, known as the breeding pair or alphas. These are the leaders of the family and their bond can last a lifetime. The vast majority of the time, only the breeding pair within a pack reproduces.

Breeding occurs early every year, in late winter. After a two-month or 63 day gestation period, pups are born underground in a den. The timing of this breeding cycle is such that pups are born at a time of year that will give them the best chance of survival with much of spring and all of summer and fall ahead of them to develop into nearly full grown wolves capable of surviving the next winter.

Not only social, but smart, intelligent and can be tamed and domesticated even, if you only listen carefully.