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Get meow't: Buried kittens saved in Brazil

Visitors to Araras' cultural center in Brazil heard meowing from beneath the tiles and a group of locals teamed up to free the kittens.

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Why would anyone bury kittens? However, we have no idea how many poor animals were beaten to death, buried alive, burned alive and just tortured. Seems like people have no feelings anymore.

Because we are against any kind of animal cruelty, we are going to share that a rescue dog saved a kitten’s life yesterday.

There were kittens found dumped in a yard and desperately needed medical help. According to CBS Sacramento, they are getting help from a dog. Yes. Her name is Jemmie and she saves lives.

Her human, Sarah, says, "We had a family come in with two kittens that they had found in their backyard, stray kittens that just showed up; they were the only two that were alive.”

The tiny kittens had some very big problems.

She said, "One had two eye ulcers in his eye, so basically eye infections that are really, really bad, squinty, couldn't see.”

It was so bad, veterinarians believed that at least one eye would have to be removed. Now there's an effort to save the other eyes using antibiotics and a special serum. That's where Jemmie comes in. She donates the blood to help save their lives.