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A solar storm is coming: Should we be scared?

2020 may see planet earth hit by a strong solar storm. What consequences will this geomagnetic phenomena have for life on earth? Experts warn they may be devastating.

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According to NASA, we should be scared. NASA scientists predict a powerful solar storm which will hit Earth by 2010. This storm could possibly change the life on the planet.

Antionio Meloni from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, said, "We depend so much on electromagnetic forces that a solar storm would be devastating."

Solar storm are explosions that send solar particles to the deep space. Once they react Earth, they interact with our magnetic field.

NASA has predicted that a powerful solar storm will hit Earth by 2020, changing life on the planet.
Meloni said, "Under certain conditions, these interactions might disturb the Earth's magnetic field. This may ultimately damage our technological systems."

This could also affect military activities, such as satellite-guided missiles. If those are pointed at a particular direction, they may hit the wrong target if they miss. Solar storm also affect air travel navigation and affect the health of the pilot.

In Europe, Britain and Scandinavia would be the worst hit as they occur mostly at higher latitudes.

Solar storms are not strong at the moment but they will reach their peak in 2022.


The last storm in 1989 caused a massive blackout in Quebec that lasted over six hours.