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Mad weather? Blame 'El Niño'

Flooding in northern England, deserted ski stations in the Alps... something is definitely wrong with the climate this winter. Experts blame the natural phenomenon "El Niño" for the mad weather but who is this little boy?

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Let us teach about El Niño, since many things actually depend on it. It is a condition that can occur in the Pacific Ocean only, but it impacts the weather all over the planet, according to NASA.

We all know that weather depends on ocean temperatures a lot. Meaning that the places where the ocean in warm produce more clouds and more rain falls. In the Pacific Ocean near the equator, the Sun warms up the water on the surface.

Usually, strong winds push the warm surface water from the equator toward Indonesia, and when this occurs, the cooler water underneath goes to the surface of the ocean near South America.

However, sometimes, these winds are weaker than usual and they can blow the other way – toward South America instead of Indonesia. When this happens, many fish form the cooler waters off the coast of South America move or die.

This condition of warm coastal waters and poor fishing seasons is called El Niño, which translates to Christ Child, because it occasionally comes at Christmas time.

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