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Tim Peake completes training for ISS mission

British astronaut Tim Peake has completed his training ahead of next month's mission to the International Space Station.

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Astronaut from Britain, Tim Peake, said he is definitely ready to move on to his first space flight. This will mark the end of fulfilling his childhood dream. For this, he spent two and a half years of intensive training.

The ex-military test-pilot passed his final practical exams, and now he is due to blast off to the International Space Station on 15th December.

Russian commander Yuri Malenchenko and NASA’s astronaut Tim Kopra will spend 170 days in orbit. They will be conducting scientific experiments and also carrying out maintenance work on the flying laboratory.

Mr. Peake said that the highlight of the mission will definitely be doing a spacewalk and the experience of being in weightlessness. It is also where Yuri Gagarin trained over half a century ago to be the first man in space – Russian facility deep in a snowy forest on the edge of Moscow.

Mr. Peake will be the first British astronaut on the ISS. He will be flying from the European Space Agency. Russian spacecraft has been the only way up since the US space shuttle ended.

The main three-man crew and their back team were put through two days of hard practical tests, including several hours they spent inside a replica of the Soyuz capsule they will travel inside of.