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Egypt pyramids scan finds mystery heat spots

An international team of architects and scientists have observed "thermal anomalies" in the pyramids of Giza, Egyptian antiquities officials say.

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Whenever I see such a story, I have no idea how to feel. Maybe we are taught to be afraid of almost everything. In the pyramids of Giza, according to Egyptian antiques officials, an international team has observed some thermal anomalies. They were detected by cameras. There are three adjacent stones at the bottom of the Great Pyramid with somewhat higher temperatures. According to scientists, these could be the existence of empty areas inside of it, internal air currents, or simply other materials.

Or maybe Predator, but nobody said that.

The tombs were built for pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure in the fourth Dinasty, somewhere between 2613-2494BC.

For this discovery, architects and scientists from Egypt, France, Canada and Japan used infrared thermography to observe the pyramids at sunrise, as the sun heats from the outside, and then they watched at sunset when they cool down. They found several thermal anomalies that were possible to see at both the sunset and the sunrise.

For now, they think about the presence of voids behind the surface and the internal currents. But nobody says anything about the Alien and Predator so far.

We are doomed.