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New human-like species discovered in South Africa

Scientists have discovered a new human-like species in a burial chamber deep in a cave system in South Africa.

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A new human-like species has been discovered in a burial chamber in a cave system in South Africa. This shouldn’t be surprising as we used to learn that the entire human race has originated from African continent.

Scientists unearthed 15 partial skeletons, which marks the biggest single discovery of this kind in South Africa. According to scientists, this discovery will change ideas about our ancestors. A study published in the journal Elife indicated that these people were capable of ritual behavior. This particular species is named naledi, genus Homo, to indicte the same genus as within humans.

Even though it is not yet confirmed how long they have lived, Prof Lee Berger said thay could be the first of our genus Homo to live in Africa up to three million years ago.

For now, Prof Berger says we could consider them to be a bridge between primitive bipedal primates and humans. They tried to unearth maybe a fossil. It led them to multiple fossils. Then it became a discovery of many skeletons and individuals.

It was the largest assemblage of fossil human relatives in the history of Africa. It was a great experience, according to Prof Berger.