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First ever virtual reality store: Is reality a virtue?

Virtual reality just got a little bit more real with the world's first virtual reality store opening in Copenhagen. The founders predict a virtual reality revolution.

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The world’s first virtual reality store is based in Copenhagen’s Kødbyen district. This could make Denmark at the very top on the list of technological destinations.

The aim of the founder is a revolution in gaming, teaching, film, art, and architecture.

Simon Lajboschitz said, “Virtual reality creates unimaginable opportunities if you can apply the technology correctly. You can send school children underwater to study whales, nursing students to complicated births or architects into the buildings they have drawn.”

Virtual reality works with glasses which are linked to a mobile phone or computer screen. The glasses send pictures to each eye creating the virtual reality world of software.

Simon also said 2016 will be a big year for virtual reality. Facebook-owned Oculuc and Sony Playstation and HTC Vive launching VR hardware.

At the store, shoppers will be able to try out Khora’s technology – glasses for $15/€13. Also, they are able to rent a 30 minute ‘free play’ period for 199 kroner.