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Meet the robot that wants to get to know you

Promobot recognizes and remembers people and is seen as one of the world's most autonomous robots. It is the creation of Oleg, one of the world's most talented young engineers according to Forbes.

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Let’s just say that there is no Wikipedia page about Oleg Kivokurtsev, one of the most talented engineers of our time. This young man has surpassed everyone in his talent and achievement in such young age. Promobot is his ultimate one.

Oleg developed his first snow plough as an undergraduate at the Polytechnic University in Perm.

In 2013, he created a robot for retail with a goal to help customers in retail and possibly attract new ones, named Promobot.

His robot was so practice that he signed a contract with a Chinese company to equip an office building in Shanghai.

They make Promobots in a rented 200 square meters of a former paint factory in Perm.

Promobot speaks English fluently and uses Google speech recognitions tool. It can operate with 70 thousand words. It also speaks Chinese.

Head of Sklokovo Robotics Center, Albert Yemifov, praised the moment when Oleg cot included in Forbes’s list of under Under 30. To be able to manage something like that you have to be special, as the proportion of people working in the industry who are under 30 is more than 50 percent.