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High as a kite: Fierce aerial martial art battle

Kite flyers from all over the world gather in France at the International Kite Festival to join the aerial martial art battle.

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There’s something about seeing a kite flying high in the sky that makes you feel happy. That liberated bit of material on the end of a line, soaring up into the blue sky promotes a feeling of optimism and it’s easy to stand there and wonder what it feels like to be that kite, wheeling wildly over the heads of the people below.

Now if one kite can make you feel good – imagine what several thousand kites can make you feel like!

Very pretty, very French, that was the festival this year

The astounding vision of 20,000 kites floating in the sky above the golden sandy beach is just majestic. All colors and all sizes – from tiny kites no bigger than a handkerchief to one of the biggest kites in the world at an astonishing 1250 m². Witches, an octopus, a giant Homer Simpson and an enormous lobster – kites of every description spiraling, plummeting, wheeling and circling, whilst on the beach thousands of enthusiasts watched enthralled.

Find one in your region and spend the day feeling high as a kite.