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Windows 10 launches in UK

Microsoft launches Windows 10 in the UK saying it wants to make the release the most loved yet.

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Windows 10 is finally here! We have been waiting for this one for a long time now.

Microsoft has been slowly releasing some its characteristics and made us anticipate even more for the new operating system. This OS is more than just a follow-up OS. It represents a whole new approach on how we use and see technology, how Microsoft position itself on the market, mobile market and beyond.

It is an operating system for all devices, as long they are made by Microsoft, of course. They promised to give us OS to be the same on all our devices, however, there is the same look and feel, but they are not the same. We will see if that happens in the future.

OneDrive support is standard across all the versions, allowing you to access your files from a Windows 10 account on any of your devices. So far, so good.


Cortana, your little helper, has made a jump from mobile to PC desktop, powered up with in-depth search and natural language recognition in Windows 10.

She can now search your OneDrive, Windows Store history, syncing that info to provide suggestions for new apps and websites. This can come really handy.

And yes, she works from the cloud. We still don’t have any clue what cloud is.



It will always remain a mystery that only engineers can solve.