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Zimbabwean pair due in court over lion killing

American tourist Walter Palmer says he regrets shooting Zimbabwe's famous lion Cecil as two men are due in court later on poaching charges.

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The shame and horror that were left after this inhumane event will never be forgotten. This is the true example of what you don’t want to be as a human.

After Cecil’s death, two men are due to appear in court in Zimbabwe for killing the beautiful animal.


Theo Broknhorst, professional hunter, and farm owner Honest Ndlovu, are both charged with poaching offences for not having the required permit to hunt. Dentist from US, Walter Palmer, shot the animal with a crossbow and rifle outside Hwange National Park.


According to police, Mr. Palmer, who claims he wasn’t familiar with the animal’s identity, could also face poaching charges. The two Zimbabwean men, who accompanied him on the infamous hunt, have to appear in front of court in Victoria Falls. If found guilty, they face 15 years in prison.

Mr. Palmer explained he regrets killing the animal, especially because he believed that he was on a legal hunt. As he stated, he relied on professional guides to find a lion.


Now, the police record says that this is not Mr. Palmer’s first felony of this kind. In 2006, he shot and killed a black bear in the state of Wisconsin. He was given one-year probation and was fined with $3,000. He shot the animal outside the authorized zone. He later tried to pass it off as having killed him elsewhere.