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Obama: Africa is continent 'on the move'

President Obama has praised Africa's economic potential in a speech in Nairobi at the beginning of his first presidential visit to Kenya,.

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Barack Obama has dubbed Africa as a continent “on the move” during his speech at the opening of a US-sponsored business summit in Kenya. Barack himself has a deep family relationship with the African nation.

Hi said it was one of the fastest growing regions, and that people are being lifted from poverty. Nairobi enjoyed his visit and speech.

His visit to Kenya, the first visit from a sitting US leader was highly anticipated by the community. They see him as a son. The President’s late father was born in Kenya, and many of his family members still live there. It was a very emotional and personal trip for the President. He also stated that there is a reason why his name was Barack Hussein Obama.

His visit was mostly focused on boosting the business and security ties with Kenya, as it is a growing economy fighting the threat of terrorism. Their major threat comes from al-Shabab network from Somalia.

 During his visit to Kenya and Ethiopia, nearly two dozens of US politicians and 200 US investors accompanied him.

However, Kenyan delegates were offended when reported the visit, describing the nation as a hotbed of terror.

It kicked off a Twitter campaign with a hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN, that eventually led to CNN backtracking on its claim.