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Ancient Mayan artefacts uncovered in Guatemala

Archaeologists in Guatemala have uncovered three ancient Mayan panels, offering new insights into the mysterious civilisation.

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Whenever I hear something about Mayan civilization, I assume the world is going to end.

Mayan panels dating all the way back to the seventh century have been unearthed in northern Guatemala. It now sheds a new light on the civilization we find to be so mysterious.

Overall three Mayan panels were discovered at the La Corona and El Achiotal archeological sites in May this year. The largest piece is a meter high and has an ancient script and stone carvings. Marcelo Canuto, co-director of the project said they have discovered two hieroglyphic panels, with two stone panels around 40 cm long and 30 cm high. On one of them there is even an image of a king dancing.

These pieces are well-preserved for 1,300 or 1,400 years. They are moved to Guatemala City for detailed research.

What we can learn from them are details of Mayan transfer of power. They give a glimpse of how the ruler became a king in a step-by-step process when a king is not a royal member for two years, but after that period. This information is rare to find, and everybody included in the project is very excited.

Mayan people lived to their peak in the eight century, and had 15 million people. They have advanced technology which helped them map the precise calendar and solar movements, among other achievements.