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Stephen Hawking launches search for life beyond Earth

Physicist Stephen Hawking has teamed up with a Russian billionaire to launch a quest to discover life on other planets.

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Well, who else would embark on an adventure like this if there wasn’t for a man prodigy such as Stephen Hawking?

Astronomers are getting ready for the most intensive search for alien life by listening to potential radio signals coming from distant civilizations far beyond our solar system.

Lead experts secured time on two most powerful telescope in the US and Australia. They plan to scan the Milky Way and surrounding galaxies for radio emissions that could be a sign of life elsewhere. The search is planned to be 50 times more sensitive and cover 10 times more sky than any previous hunts in the past.

Stephen Hawking said the search is critically important and it should give the answer of whether we are the only in the universe or we have company of some kind. He thinks the time has come to answer the question, and to search for life beyond Earth. As mankind has the urge to research and discover new things, we also need to know and learn. It is very important for us to know if there is somebody else out there.

The Green Bank Observatory based in West Virginia, the largest telescope on Earth, and the Parkes Observatory in New South Wales are set to lead the investigation. The search will start on January 16.