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Mud Festival in South Korea gets underway

The 18th annual Boryeong Mud Festival has begun in South Korea.The festival attracts up to three million visitors each year during its 10 day run.

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Have you ever been on a summer festival? If your answer is Yes, you should know how it’s like to be covered in mud. Only in this scenario, people actually come here to get their hands dirty.

In South Korea, people seem to enjoy diving into pools of mud. The 18th annual Boryeong Mud Festival kicked off last week. This rather bizarre festival manages to attract more than three million visitors each year during 10-day festivities.

It may sound odd that people are rushing from all around the globe just so that can bathe in mud, but this festival is extremely popular. There are many games and murky waters to enjoy, as well as interesting competitions, body painting, and much more.

The 10—day festival also is a home to sports manifestations and live music. Its organizers are hoping to make the annual festivities even more popular among visitor and citizens of South Korea by taking it global and gathering even more people.

As the festival is closing its gates on the next weekend, we suppose there will be a high demand for showers, tissues, and clean clothes.

Regardless, getting dirty brings so many childhood memories, hover, here you won’t get beaten by parents.