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Mother-of-two shares emotional domestic abuse video

Domestic violence victim and a mother-of-two shares her story on Facebook by posting a video with a black eye.

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A brave woman from Dublin, 26-year old health blogger, Emma Murphy, took to Facebook to share her devastating experience of domestic abuse.

Emma, a mother-of-two, can be seen with a black eye, trying to encourage other women who have gone through or are still going through some kind of abuse at home.

Sharing such a personal experience with the whole world is not at all easy. You are putting yourself out there and giving a part of your life for everyone to see. However, Emma decided to put an end to the violence. She goes on by telling how she loved him with all her heart and how she misses only the good parts.

Emma has recently found out that the partner was cheating on her, and as she confronted him, he pushed her and then hit her in the head. And it wasn’t the first time. According to Emma, she was verbally abused on a regular basis.

Emma states that no man has the right to put his hand on a woman, not even once.

Her emotional story went viral and collected 6 million views for just a couple of days. Emma left her abusing partner and went to her mother’s for the moment.

Emma definitely cannot change anything as an individual, but having the courage to tell your story like this is amazingly brave.