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Mexico bans wild animals in circuses

Lions and tigers and bears… no more. A new law in Mexico has banned the use of tigers, elephants, zebras, lions and other exotic animals in circuses.

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Wild animals have won, once again! Mexico has banned performances including wild animals in circuses around the country. It is a sweet victory for the animals, but a sad future for their up keepers and circus owners.

This is the end for acrobatic lions and elephants, captured tigers and lamas.

However, the owners are still allowed to keep animals for exhibition purposes, but there will be no more dangerous performances with fiery loops and drugged up elephants.

Only 55 registered circuses, out of 199 have submitted their inventories of animals, and the files state that there are 1,046 animals, but the number is significantly higher.

Freed wildings will be offered to some of Mexican zoos.

The head of circus owners in Mexico, said in March that the animals will probably die or be put down, because they cannot earn their care. Well, this sounds awful. They shouldn’t work, they are just wild animals. The one thing that concerns us is that those poor creatures can’t go back to wilderness because they are not used to it, and if there is no one to take care of them, they actually may die. This is a sweet victory, but the war is not over yet.

It is clear that many circus families are left without their jobs, but hey, people can find their way. They will survive. But this small victory does taste good.