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Russia flies 'straight flag' to combat 'gay fever'

President Putin's ruling party has unveiled a 'straight flag' to counteract the rainbow flag used worldwide as a symbol for gay pride.

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Not long after gay marriages are legalized across USA, Russia strikes back. It seems like Russia won’t be celebrating the utter freedom of life and choice – sexual freedom. Russia came up with a plan to show they are opposing to the newly won freedom of choice by creating a flag with an imagery of a traditional family.

On the flag, you can see their stand on ‘traditional family’ with a mother, father and their three children.

Can this act be seen as a declared was on same-sex marriages? Does this mean that homosexuals born in Russia are coerced to live the life that is only possible – heterosexual marriage? Or this is the way to show Russians that if they were gay they are not welcome?

So, if you are born homosexual in Russia, you are sentenced to a life your President considers right? And if you are lucky enough to be born in USA you can choose your life and future?

This is not good news for young people struggling through life with their confusion and confidence. This is not good for the world, as the gay lobby is getting stronger, so this may actually cause another war.

Straight flag is a form of repression and aggression aimed at people who are slightly different. This is not what we are fighting for.

This is a ban on life.