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Johnny Depp visits children's hospital as Jack Sparrow

Johnny Depp at his most awesome! Jack Sparrow shows his soft side and takes selfies with sick children at an Australian hospital.

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While taking a break from filming the fifth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Lies in Queensland, Australia, much- loved Johnny Depp took some time to pay a visit to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. For the occasion, he was wearing his full Jack Sparrow costume to surprise some of the youngest patients.

The Hospital’s Foundation shared pictures of the surprise visit which showed the elated patients getting up close and very personal with Jack Sparrow and his dreadlocks. While he was there, he used his hybrid accent which he modeled after cartoon character Pepe Le Pew and the famous guitarist Keith Richards. You can also see a surprised girl with a hand over her mouth as she was delighted to meet the actor.

A 7-year-old Max Bennett with transverse myelitis, a very uncommon neurological disorder, was the youngest to meet the actor. His mother shared that Depp was going from room to room in order to meet some of the kids who weren’t able to get out of the bed. That is how Depp met he son, Max. He also gave him some gold coins, engraved with pirate heads.

This is a real example of a big-hearted actor who found time to visit children instead of sunbathing on sandy beaches.

If there was anything else he could do, we are sure he would.

Bravo, Johnny, you proved once again that doing good things makes us good people.