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Superhero surprise makes for emotional wedding

Chris Nelson got married. Best man forgot the rings. Someone came to the rescue but it wasn't a bird or a plane it was.......

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Actually, this wasn’t a superhero themed wedding. This was a normal wedding, many attendees, beautiful bride, and clumsy best man. Imagine this scenario.

You’ve been waiting for quite some time to marry your dream girl. And you know what girls are like before their wedding. You have been arguing about the smallest detail for over a month, and she demands that everything has to be perfect. No stunts, no big surprises and definitely no games.

And then this happens. Everybody is waiting for you two to finally exchange vows and start dancing, drinking and enjoying the reception. But your best man forgot the wedding rings. Instead of crying, you can see that the bride is confused but she won’t let that ruin her day. Although, you will have much to talk about later on.

And then – a superhero shows up! She said that she doesn’t want surprises, but this is quite a shocker. So, the man dressed in a superhero costume approaches your not-so-best man, and brings the rings.

What would we do in a world without superheroes? If only he was there to stop her maid of honor get so drunk at the bridal shower, it would be even better. But hey, he says at the end that the world needs him, he need to go and save other best men from a disaster.


Man, you’re lucky this superman was close by.