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Running of the Bulls in Pamplona: 11 injured

Eleven people injured on the first day of the Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. .

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If there is anything so cruel but still very entertaining to people, it must be bull fighting. According to news, 11 people were injured during the annual bull running in Pamplona, Spain on Tuesday morning. Bulls are freed, only to run in to arena where they are set to fight.

So, these creatures are fed, bred and taken care of just so they could be killed for fun. This needs to stop. We are treating animals in a manner we wouldn’t appreciate being treated ourselves. Why are we so cruel?

Bull running gathers international crowd every year in Pamplona, and they are all expecting blood, gore and death in the arena. Bull fighting was banned in some parts of the world, but in Spain, where it originates there are still ceremonies like this bloody one.

So, people who came from USA and UK are hurt, three of which are in critical condition. Who is to blame here? Their adrenaline? Their love for torture of the bulls and death? Someone needs to be responsible.

I wonder if some insurance companies have policies for this kind of crime…

Sex bulls were freed to run for more than two minutes, just so that they could be killed in the bull ring later on that day. Now, that is a real-time horror movie.

Where is PETA to forbid this mockery to the animal kingdom?