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Thousands celebrate the Spanish festival of San Fermin

Thousands run through the streets of Pamplona to celebrate the Spanish festival of San Fermin.

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Thousands of people are gathered on the streets of Pamplona in Spain to celebrate the San Fermin festival. One of the main characteristics of the festival is its dress code. If you don’t want to be a black sheep and stand out, you will need white attire and a hand-held red handkerchief.

People gather from all around the world to spill wine on each other and dance, sing, and watch the infamous bull fight. What a festivity!

This year, six bulls have gored foreigners during the Bull Run in the streets of Pamplona. Three of them are currently in a critical condition.

The festival will take place on the streets and will last for nice days.

The festival was first held in 1590 as a celebration Navarran city’s patron, St. Fermin. Should the Bull Run be banned? Yes, definitely. But the Spanish people argue that this is their popular festival, and the second most popular sport, after football.

Also, breeders claim that the animals have longer and happier lives than most stock in the region. However, making them to fight in blood and gore shouldn’t be a sport, after all.

It is a cruel sport and it should have been written in the history book of sports, many years, if not centuries, ago. Hundreds of people got killed and hurt, and animals are suffering each year.