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Magic Mike XXL: The cast on straddling and flexing

We had some serious muscle chat with the cast of Magic Mike XXL, and got the the lowdown on filming some of the sexiest scenes. .

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This is a super-massive-smashing hit movie. If you haven’t seen the first part, it’s time to do so. Now. Magic Mike XXL is even bolder, more powerful and the cast is just amazing. Newcomers are wisely chosen, and the plot is even sexier.

We all talk about how men objectify women, right? Well, Magic Mike is here to show that women do the same to men. Especially when men look like action figures. In the video, you can see the cast talking about their bodies and their power. This will be especially appealing to ladies.

When the cast includes so great-looking men who play strippers, what else can you ask for? If you watch the video, you will see the suggestion for the third sequel which will break the internet. The actress suggests that the guys should have the flex off in the upcoming third movie. We say –YES!

The Magic Mike soundtrack was amazing, full of sexy tunes and melodies, and so is the Magic Mike XXL’s.

Their bodies are even hotter, moves are even sexier and the atmosphere is utterly decadent. It’s not the movie you would like to watch with your girl. Not if you’re not this good-looking, at least. This is definitely the hottest movie of the year.

Can’t wait for the third movie!