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Month's worth of rain could fall in a day across UK

The Met Office has said a month's worth of rain is set to fall in a day on parts of south and east England, causing flash flooding.


The United Kingdom, especially the British isle is well known to the world as rainy, foggy place with humid air.

But, this situation is strange even for the people that are used to live in that part of the world.

The United Kingdom's weather service announced that citizens should prepare for one of the most brutal rains that east part of England have seen in years. The Met Office also added that there will be floods as well.

The Met Office said that month's worth of rain could fall in one day!

East Riding of Yorkshire and north-east Lincolnshire are among areas that will suffer the most damage from this rain.

Flash flooding hit towns and villages in the east areas of the country, with 3 ft of standing water in parts of Withernsea and there are further flooding in the Grimsby and Immingham areas.

There is still no official report about the damage that has been done in the whole UK, but it will surely not be small.