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Prince Charles honours Welsh dead at Passchendaele

The Prince of Wales has spoken and laid a wreath at a Welsh National Service of Remembrance to remember Welsh soldiers who died in Passchendaele one hundred years ago.


The Battle of Passchendaele has been fought 100 years ago, from July 31st, until November 10th, 1917.

The battle took place on the Western Front, on the ridges of Belgian city of Ypres. It was a vital supply line for the German forces, and Allies wanted to make sure that they cut that vein for the German Empire.

There were many casualties, but the right numbers of dead are a topic of many disputes. Between 200 000 and 448 000 men has been killed on the Allies side, and about the same amount the German Empire lost.

British Prime Minister at that time David Lloyd George opposed the offensive, but eventually the UK ended up in the battle that lasted over 3 months.

The United Kingdom's generals started to plan the offensive in 1915, two years before the actual battle, but there were problems with the approvals of that plan.

In the end, the British forces played one of the most important roles at the Battle of Passchendaele, although with many casualties on their side.

Hundred years later, you can see Prince Charles making a speech in honor of dead Welch soldiers, who had fought at the Battle.