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85-million-year-old dinosaur footprints found in Morocco

Dinosaur footprints from 85 million years ago have been revealed on a Moroccan beach and scientists believe they were unearthed by a small tsunami. ITN World

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We often forget that before us, this great blue planet was home for many other strange and beautiful creatures - such as dinosaurs.

Every now and then people find out some new species that has roamed the Earth millions upon millions years ago.

The remainings of the life that once was on this planet are everywhere, and they are mostly found by accident, when people dig deep into the ground, searching for ore, or digging foundations for their homes and other buildings.

With every single find there is a new story that unfolds before us - how was it to live on the Earth many, many years before men has evolved, and how those strange creatures looked like.

This time, it all has happened in Morocco, when the small sized tsunami has cleared part of the sand from the beach.

More than 300 footprints have been found in the sands, and paleontologists think that those are the footprints of the theropod dinosaurs, which means that the ancient beast was using two legs to walk, and it was a meat eater.