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Violinist plays through tear gas during Venezuelan protests

A musician took to the streets to play his violin as tear gas and smoke filled the air around him during ongoing protests in Venezuela.

Protests in Venezuela officially started on 1st of April this year and are still going on.

When former president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez died, his successor Nicolas Maduro pushed the country into the economic crisis.

In the already unstable state like Venezuela, where even basic food is scarce, the protests just burst on the streets.

Total of 107 dead protesters just reminds us how serious this conflict between the government and the people is.

There are news about protesters being tortured and abused by the police and military, as well as of firearms used by the defenders of state.

They are also using chemical weapons, to deal with protesters, armed with only what they find on the streets - rocks, sticks...

Videos and pictures from the protests show us a real urban warzone where life have little to no meaning.

It all seems like something from a different era, but the truth is far from it - it is happening here and now.

Check out this video to find out more about Venezuelan protests and to see how the really brave man looks like!