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Rare albino orangutan rescued

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation is asking for the public to help name a rare albino orangutan they rescued. .

Rare species in the world are always bringing attention from the public, but now it is not about some endangered species. It is about very well known orangutan, but this time, she is albino!

Albinism is absence of any pigmentation or coloration in animal, resulting in white hair and pink eyes in mammals.

This orangutan really has pink, almost red pupils, but his eyes are mostly blue.

Rare albino orangutan was found in Indonesia. She was held captive, but was rescued and transferred to the island of Borneo.

She is currently named Alba - from albino - but the whole world is invited to think of a better suited name for this albino mammal.

This orangutan is, in fact, female, and Alba is white in Latin, and it also means dawn in Spanish.

So, maybe this is the best name for this ape?

She was found in very weak condition, but now she is recovering very well. Alba gained little less than 10 pounds, while being at the shelter in Borneo.

The rescuers think that Alba is about 5 years old and beside rough condition that she was in, Alba is one healthy primate.