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Banksy's Brexit mural turns heads in Dover

Elusive street artist Banksy makes his first artistic comment on Brexit with a giant mural in Dover.

One of the most famous artists of today is mysterious Banksy.

There are a lot of rumors about this street artist/graffiti artist from the United Kingdom, and various speculations about his real identity.

One thing's for sure - there is not one big event in the world that this artist didn't commented on, through his graffiti.

Brexit is surely one of the most important political events in the past couple of years, and such a huge thing didn't went unnoticed by Banksy.

He graced us with a new mural in Dover, showing a man chipping away at one of the stars on the EU flag.

The three-storey tall image appeared near the Dover ferry terminal, one Sunday morning, in May, 2017.

The mural is Banksy's first and by far only comment on the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

Click on this video, and find out what the residents of Dover think about this Banksy art.