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Prince's former manager remembers the music icon one year on

Kiran Sharma, CEO of Kikit Entertainment and Prince’s former manager, spoke to us at The Asian Awards and shared beautiful memories of her old friend.

Prince Rogers Nelson, or just PRINCE was one of the most biggest names in music business.

Last year, on April 21, 57-year-old singer-songwriter legend died of accidental fentanyl opioid overdose.

He would sure be remembered by army of fans all over the globe, for his funky pop beats and for his performing skills on stage.

Prince was only 18 when he released his first album For you in 1978. His next album Prince was out in 1979, and soon went platinum, granting young artist world-wide fame.

Other albums were successful as well, with many legendary tracks such as: Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Little Red Corvette, Kiss, 1999, Let's Go Crazy and many more.

Posthumous released album 4ever is remastered greatest hits album. Also, an EP featuring six unreleased recordings titled Deliverance was announced in April 2017, but production is held back.

Prince was cremated after the autopsy, and no will was found to this date.

Many of his colleagues, friends and family members were crushed by his death, as well as fans. So hear what Prince's former manager Kiran Sharma has to say about working with the great artist.