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Stars react to Kendall Jenner Vogue India controversy

Neev Spencer, Amy Jackson and Abi Clarke shared their view on the Kendall Jenner Vogue India cover backlash while at The Asian Awards in London. .

Kendall Jenner can’t seem to catch a break.

Just as the backlash against her for a Pepsi commercial was fading, she finds herself in new mess.

This time for appearing on the cover of Vogue India’s 10th anniversary issue. Many people on social media questioned the magazine’s decision to feature Jenner, a white American model, rather than taking the opportunity to feature an Indian woman.

Others saw the cover as a painful reminder of India’s cultural obsession with white skin.

A post by Vogue announcing the cover has attracted hundreds of negative comments, many of them expressing disappointment that the magazine did not hire a local model.

But neither the Vogue nor Jenner have officially responded to the controversy.

Jenner’s friend, supermodel and fellow reality star progeny Gigi Hadid experienced a similar backlash when she appeared in a hijab on the first-ever issue of Vogue Arabia in March.