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King Arthur's Craig McGinley on working with Guy Ritchie

We met actor Craig McGingley at The Asian Awards in London; he chatted to us about his crazy King Arthur diet and his gym buddy Guy Ritchie! .

Craig McGinlay is new hot British actor. His first role is in Guy Ritchie's upcoming blockbuster summer hit King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

Young McGinlay will portray knight Percival in this legendary tale from the British Isles. His King and friend Arthur will be played by Charlie Hunnam. Premiere is set for 17th of May, and we just can't wait to see this reimagining of the old Excalibur tale.

If you have seen the trailer, it is obvious that it is not so much a fairy tale as it is a action packed movie with long and well choreographed fighting scenes and a lot of testosterone in the air.

Every Knight of the Round Table had to go through rigorous training just so they could look like medieval war machines. Craig McGinlay was not excluded.

McGinlay played very small roles in even smaller short movies. There is not much about him on the internet. Even his official web site is displaying coming soon message. He is so secretive!

Well, he could not escape the eye of the camera at The Asian Awards in London. He talked about how he had to grow big beard, and had to go to the gym twice a day just to stay in shape for the role of Percival. And all that while he was learning his lines and shooting scenes.

Hear more about his acting job on King Arthur in this video!