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Lion star Sunny Pawar is too cute at The Asian Awards

After being named Rising Star at The Asian Awards, young Sunny Pawar chatted to us about working with Dev Patel and loving Sachin Tendulkar!

Sunny Pawar is child actor, best known for his performance in the Oscar nominated movie Lion.

Young actor is son of a former government office sweeper, and was living in the slums of Mumbai, before he got his chance to shine in Hollywood blockbuster film Lion. He was scared of his fellow actor Dev Patel, and even though he's shy, little Pawar is becoming one of the most important rising stars in the business.

He received his first award last Friday when he picked up Rising Star Award at the 7th annual Asian Awards in the UK.

Sunny Pawar dominated the red carpet. Many of the stars instagram profiles are now filled with pictures of Sunny smiling to the camera.

Pawar is long way from home, and he had to use sign language to communicate with the director of the Lion Garth Davis, so they could understand each other more - but he is very sure in himself.

Pawar is already in two upcoming movies: Love Sonia and Drive.

God luck kid!