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Trump declares Obamacare 'dead' after healthcare victory

US President Donald Trump says Obamacare is 'essentially dead' after the House of Representatives passes a Republican healthcare bill.

President of the United States Donald Trump made it official - Obamacare is DEAD! Republican healthcare bill was narrowly passed by the lower chamber of Congress, and Obama's plan is now terminated.

This is first legislative victory for the new president. The vote was 217-213 and it is crucial campaign promise Trump made and held up to it.

Democrats are not very pleased with the new law. They say that Health Care Act will leave millions uninsured.

The bill is now Senates problem. Republicans said that they will put it aside and write a new law.

Trump was happy about the whole thing, even joking about it, while he was patted on the back by his fellow Republicans.

Protesters were enraged about the upcoming law and there were many of them standing around Capitol Hill, shouting: Shame on you!

President Trump did not seem to mind it at all, as he held reception for Republicans at the White House.