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Keith Lemon says Harry Styles is his favourite member of 1D

The one and only Keith Lemon is a massive One Direction fan and has his say on Liam and Cheryl's choice of baby name at the Alien Covenant premiere. .

English comedian Leigh Francis also known as Keith Lemon talked about how he loves One Direction. He was at the premiere of new Ridley Scott movie Alien Covenant.

While talking to the press, Keith did not miss the opportunity to make a joke about how he would name his son Hawk, because it sounds like a magicians name. Hawk Lemon! We hope that potential baby will have luck with that name in school.

When he stopped with being funny Lemon honestly said that boy band 1D is one of his favorite groups. On the topic of which member of One Direction is his personal best, Lemon said - Harry Styles.

He jokingly continued to speak about how Harry is his role model,  hair style wise.

Keith Lemon finished his interview with speaking about how alien monsters from the franchise Alien remind him of a vagina. So, we are not 100% sure that he is telling the truth about being a fan of One Direction. It's best for you do decide for yourself by watching this video.