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'You can’t handle the horn' says Mindhorn's Julian Barratt

Simon Farnaby talks about his least desired acting role and Julian Barratt reveals what it's like to be a heartthrob since filming Mindhorn.

Julian Barrat is widely known for his comedy acts but mostly for hit series The Mighty Boosh. He co-written and co-starred in the Boosh with his good friend and college Noel Fielding, one of the most prominent English comedians and TV personalities. The dynamic duo lasted 3 seasons and had many live shows while making The Mighty Boosh. They do comedy skits, stand-up and have numerous singing acts as Howard Moon and Vince Noir, two main characters of the Boosh.

They are not filming the show for 8 years now, and are involved in all kinds of TV series, movies and acts.

New movie in which Barratt has title role is called Mindhorn. It is a directorial debut for the young director Sean Foley. The script is signed by Simon Farnaby who is more known as an actor, but the sure hand of the second writer - Julian Barrat - will certainly make this film a must watch for every fan in the world and for any other comedy lover there is.