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Madeleine McCann mystery 10-years on

It's ten years to the day since Madeleine McCann went missing in Praia da Luz in Portugal. Her parents say they'll never give up trying to find her. .

Small town of Praia da Luz in Portugal is a peaceful holiday resort for many tourist from all over Europe. People mainly from UK, Ireland, France and Germany come to this beached town to relax and enjoy beautiful sea.

Ten year ago, however, the little, quiet place in South Portugal was struck by a tragic mystery that is not revealed to this day. Gerry McCann, his wife Kate and daughter Madeleine were on holiday with many of McCann family's friends. Nothing was strange about it. They were in good mood, going to the beach every day, sightseeing and dinning in local restaurant. But, one night, parents left their three-year-old daughter in the apartment and joined their friends in the nearby restaurant. After they returned, Gerry and Kate find out that little Madeleine was missing. They searched everywhere, informed the police and in the end even Scotland Yard was involved in the case, making 11 million pound search all over Portugal and neighboring countries. McCann family did everything they could to raise awareness about their daughter disappearance, but to this day, 10 years from the incident, no clues were found and Madeleine is still missing.