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BGT magician Josephine Lee laughs off twin rumours

Illusionist Josephine Lee has said she finds fan speculation on how she pulls off her impressive magic tricks "hilarious" and "really amusing.".

Josephine Lee is not just young and beautiful, she also has some magic in her hands. Britain's Got Talent latest episode showed us what real magic trick looks like. Accompanied by dramatic music, Josephine started her act with some kind of sphere. She was levitating it all around the stage without any string attached to it! Lee left audience and judges in hand-clapping-screaming admiration, as she continued with her trick. From a cabinet, she got three more spheres on stage, all of them just floating in the air. Lee covered the spheres with cloth, and then she closed herself in the cabinet. In a heartbeat, every sphere disappeared, and Josephine popped-up from one of the cloths! It was amazing!

The internet exploded with various attempts of demystifying the magician secret, but all was in vain. Lee is very happy about her performance and she greets all of the comments with a smile. She says that there always will be two types of viewers: ones that just want to sit back and enjoy the show, and others that will try to find out how you did it.