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Missing surfer rescued after 32 hours at sea

The man who rescued a surfer who was missing at sea for 32 hours says it was extremely unusual to find him alive.


22-year-olrd surfer Matthew Bryce was at Machrihanish beach, near Capbeltown in Scotland, when he went missing couple of days ago. Search party was sent to find him, but they did not have any luck at first. Looking for someone that is lost at sea is just like looking for a needle in haystack. It is huge, open area and to see someone in the water is extremely difficult, event for a trained eye. Coastguards Search and Rescue Commander Andy Pilliner said that they did everything they could, but the chances were slim for the surfer. Lifeboats and helicopters were deployed to search for Matthew Bryce and they looked for him long and hard, before finding Matthew some 13 miles from the coast. Search team spotted the surfboard, and then they saw a man waving at them and they immediately knew they found him. Bryce was very lucky. Only his wet suit saved him, as well as him staying on the board for the whole time. He is now recovering in the hospital. We hope you get up on that board soon, Matt!