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Pope Francis warns of destruction over North Korea situation

The Pope appeals to the international community to act a mediator between the US and North Korea, describing the situation as "too hot".

For Pope Francis it's too hot on Korean peninsula right now. He is concerned that the situation can escalate every second and that every country that is involved in possible conflict should consider diplomatic ways when approaching hazardous situation.

North Korea fired a missile this weekend and the test was not successful - the rocket crashed, making no damage but to herself. Never the less, Kim Jong-un is constantly threatening his neighboring countries - South Korea and Japan. World leaders are trying to find the peaceful solution for the problem, but North Korean leader is deaf to any diplomatic proposals. Constant threats with nuclear weapons, missile tests, evidence that there are concentration camps in North Korea where they torture and kill political opponents, non-stop violations of human rights and needs are things that are not good for people of North Korea, and are not doing well for the world's democracy.

US is trying to deal with China first, as they are North Korea's only allies. Will there be any agreement? For now the things are not looking well. Keep watching Steep, we'll keep you posted!