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Nina Dobrev gives us a cheeky hint about Vampire Diaries

The beautiful Nina Dobrev is a bit of a geek in the brand new xXx movie and admits she would like to be more kickass in the next movie.

The Vampire Diaries is nothing without the beautiful Nina Dobrev. She is the girl all other girls were jealous of when the show was released because she had the best of both worlds – being a mortal, then turning into a vampire and she got to kiss probably two most handsome guys on TV nowadays.

March 10 promises an exciting series finale, and there is one question we all want to be answered – will she come back? CW President Mark Pedowitz said, “The best way I can answer that question is Julie [Plec], Kevin [Williamson], the studio and the CW promise a fantastic series finale.”

If you didn’t follow, Nina left the series at the end of season six. Her character was placed into a coma bonded to Bonnie. If she wakes up, Bonnie dies. Now that we know that, we are ready or another lead character’s death.

Furthermore, it is expected that Katherine is coming back, so we are definitely going to see more of Nina on TV screens.