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Diana letters reveal Prince Harry was constantly in trouble

Letters written by the late Princess Diana about her sons Prince William and Prince Harry go under the hammer. .

Prince Harry was a bad boy, indeed, reveal letters written by his mother, the late Princess Diana, that have been sold at an auction.

One letter in particular explains that Prince Harry was constantly in trouble at boarding school. It was sold for thousands of letters. There were six hand-written letters addressed to a Buckingham Palace official, Head Steward Cyril Dickman during the 1980s and 90s. The letters give a little insight to the Princess’ personal life. In one letter, dated October 17, 1992, she writes, “The boys are well and enjoying boarding school although Harry is constantly in trouble! We are f to Korea in November so a good place to do Christmas Shopping!”

Cheffins Fine Art auction house, bought a letter on Kensington Palace notepaper that was estimated $745 to $1,117 for $2,978.