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Chinese city of Harbin prepares for massive ice festival

Sculptors put the finishing touches to giant ice carvings ahead of the world famous Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.

Don’t you just love and enjoy winter games, even those for toddlers? Of course you do. There is so little fun in grown-up’s world, that it feels great to actually have time to go a bit crazy and behave childish.

The perfect place for that is the 2017 International Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival that has kicked off on January 5 and will last till the end of February. In China's northeastern province of Heilongjiang, the even has attracted people from across China, even with the temperatures below minus 35C.

If you enjoy coldness and red noses, you can compete in an icy pool cut into the Songhua river. There are also fanatics who swim in the frozen water. If you didn’t know, that is actually beneficial to your health, especially for middle-aged and elderly people.