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Faraday Future self-parking car fails live demo at CES

The Faraday Future FF91 fails to park itself during an onstage demonstration at the CES tech show in Las Vegas.

Well, this is no good news. Especially not in front of the public that has been long anticipating the trail drive.

Faraday Future’s big CES debut of the FF91, was shocking, especially the crucial moment when the company’s main Chinese investor pressed the button to prompt the car to park itself... and it failed miserably. Even more drama was caused because just minutes before the fail, the company showed off live video where the car parks itself with perfect precision in downtown Las Vegas.

The FF91 got so shy. Nick Sampson, vice president of engineering, said, “As a new baby, she's very very timid.”

There were hundreds of people in the audience waiting for that glorious moment, potential buyers and investors, and it just didn’t give a single da*n.