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Keepers at London Zoo begin counting every animal

Keepers at ZSL London Zoo begin an annual stocktake, counting every creature in their care. .

The time has come for ZSL London zoo keepers to start counting more than 700 species. Also, it is a dangerous task, as they need to use treat to make some animal come out of their annual stocktake.

Animals of all sizes and from invertebrates to large mammals, they are counted every single year. This year, the park has a back up – Sumatran tiger cubs Achilles and Karis, and four Humboldt penguin chicks.

Each year they must be counted as part of the zoo’s license. That information is then collected and shared with other parks so they all can make a strategy of protecting endangered species.

Mark Habben, Zoological Manager, said, “It’s an opportunity for all of the animal teams to go out and make a record of how many individual animals we’ve got on each section. At the end of June, Melati, our female Sumatran tiger, gave birth to a male and female and that for us is a real measure of success.”